Arnaud Vandermeiren



Arnaud Vandermeiren (28.12.1994 – Ghent, Belgium) is an actor, director, screenwriter, coach, musician, theater maker and filmmaker. As a seven-year-old boy, Arnaud started his career in the circus school of Ghent “Circusplaneet”. Here he discovered the art of the theater. When he was nine years old he was asked to play a leading role in various productions with the production group “The Pirellis” whom he toured with for nine years at various theaters and circus festivals in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.


In 2011, Arnaud played the role of Jason in the theater production Rabbit Hole, directed by Mitchell A Martin. Here Arnaud got to know the Belgian actress Ellen Verest, who would later coach him with his self-written monologue “Anders”. With this monologue he won the public AWARD of the Kunstbende 2012.


That same year, Arnaud played the role of Michaël in the musical Radio vinyl in collaboration with Belgian director and actor James Coock.


After this he followed various training courses in clowning and magic.

This gave him a job at Contactclowns Vlaanderen where Arnaud worked for 1 year as a contact clown (clowning for persons with dementia).

For the feature film “sum of histories (2015)” directed by Lukas Bossuyt, Arnaud collaborated with Belgian actors Matteo simoni, Robrecht Vanden Thoren and Koen De Graeve.


In 2016 Arnaud graduated from the two-year full-time international school for physical theaterThe Commedia School" of Copenhagen (Pedagogy Jacques Lecoq).


After this he decided to start his own production company "C&T Productions" with the aim of making life-changing theatre.


In 2018 Arnaud decided to do the 1-year course at the Creative Arts Academy in South Africa. When graduated he also won the “Artist of the year Award 2018”.


Arnaud's international career has allowed him to perform on various stages in Denmark (Svenborg clown festival, Copenhagen fringe festival), Estonia (Tin Tallin festival), Sweden, France (Festival of d'Avignon 2019), the Netherlands, South Africa (cancer run, Breakout, Emerge,) And of course Belgium (MiraMiro, Gentse Feesten, Brouwsels op Straat, Grote storingen, … ).


2019 was the year where Arnaud collaborated a duo with the French actress Camille De Leobardy with whom he will write and perform the play Maman & Garçon. Directed by the German-Dutch director Marc Wortel.


In 2020 Arnaud wrote the theater monologue “Real or not real” in which he played a number of 14 characters. For this he worked together with Belgian director Freddy Claeys.

Since 2021 Arnaud taught acting classes and workshops for various organizations.


In 2022 Arnaud directed the Flemish version of the Jesus film (1997).

This film was dubbed in more than 2000 languages. The American producers set the Flemish version by Arnaud is one of the most accurate voiceovers. 

In 2022 Arnaud worked with the Belgian award winning actor and singer Pieter Embrechts. 

In 2022, Arnaud directed "The Answer" for UP media that was nominated for Best global Christian talk show 2024 by the ICVM.

2023 was also the year where Arnaud founded the Dutch theater group “OverHoop”.

Arnaud his showreels

Showreel 1 (focus on theater).

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